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Galloway and Angus breeds from Amberley Park

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Amberley Park  is involved in the breeding of Shothorns, Angus, Buchan Blacks, Galloways and so on. Amberley Park is involved in the production of better cross breeds so that cattle with good genetic make up are produced.

Amberley Park was started in 1945 with the breeding of cattle. After producing successful females Amberley Park has expanded to commercial beef operation. The stud operation was then started from the year 1975.

Galloway is one of the breeds from Amberley Park and this breed has a high fertility rate and growth rate. This breed is an old native and surpasses most of the other breeds. Galloway has a high fertility and easy calving. These animals are deep, long and thick. They also have good maternal characteristics, a soft skin and good foraging ability.

Angus bulls are also available from Amberley Park. This animal has high fertility rate, longevity and easy calving. Angus bulls also show good temperament and good growth. The cattle in Amberley Park are brought up under strict conditions.

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