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Fertiliser pumps and fertiliser injectors offered by Amiad Australia

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Amiad Australia  provides plastic filters, steel filters and automatic filters for the industrial sector. These filtration systems from Amiad Australia may be independently provided or they can be integrated into other systems. These products also have flexible configuration which makes it possible for installation in any place along with the water line.

Amiad Australia also offers products for irrigation. Amiad Australia supplies filtration equipment for turfs, agriculture, landscapes and for green houses. Amiad Australia provides sprinklers, foggers and other filters for irrigation. Amiad Australia offers a fertiliser injector which requires no external power supply. The operation of this injector begins at a low pressure. It has a simple operating procedure and is easy to maintain. This product offered by Amiad Australia is also resistant to most of the chemicals in horticulture and agriculture.

Fertiliser pumps from Amiad Australia distribute fertilisers throughout an irrigation system. These pumps inject the fertilisers with the flowing water. Thus when the fertiliser is sprinkled using the drippers it reaches all the plants uniformly. The fertiliser pumps offered by Amiad Australia are driven by the water in the irrigation system. This product can be operated anywhere in the field.

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