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Long range level transmitters and receivers from Anadex Labs

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Anadex Labs  specialise in offering easy water tank level display units and control systems. Water tank gauges, wireless water tank level gauges, telemetry systems for tanks and watertank level indicators for underground water tanks, 4-20mA water level transducers are too provided by Anadex Labs.

Anadex Labs provide long-range level transmitters and receivers. The long-range level transmitters and receivers come in a wide range of models. The Aquameta LR153 long-range receiver helps in receiving data from T153R, T153B and LT153 series of transmitters. These data are provided through a short range of wireless transmitter and this unit retransmits the level data to a standard Aquameta display units. The long-range R1 level indicator kit from Anadex Labs are provided with long-range transmitter and depth sensor, two long-range antennas, long range receiver and power adaptor, R1 wireless display unit with 12V DC power adaptor.

This R1 level indicator kit is easy and safe to install. The transmitter can be installed upto 30m above from the tank. The monitor levels can be fixed to 4m. The adjustable display units are updated every 5 seconds to 30 minutes. This transmitter can be powered with help of 12-volt direct current. The display units come with light emitting diode for alarms and level displays.

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