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Ancare Australia offers parasite control products for sheep

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Ancare Australia  offers parasite control products mainly for livestock. The manufacturing process of Ancare Australia‚Äôs products is undertaken in Australia and these procedures comply with ISO 9002 standards. Ancare Australia mainly caters to the animal health industry and in 2007 this company was taken over by Merial which is a global health company.

The parasite control products offered by Ancare Australia cater to cattle, sheep and horse. Absolute is a broad spectrum sheep drench which has selenium. This product from Ancare Australia belongs to the macrocyclic lactone family. This is a broad spectrum parasite control product which has selenium. Absolute offered by Ancare Australia controls and treats abamectin sensitive strains. Before using this product a drench test has to be carried out. Application of this product is through oral drenching. This is given to lambs and sheep for the treatment of selenium.

Cryazin is another parasite control product from Ancare Australia. This is meant for long wool sheep and can be directly sprayed on it. Cryazin prevents blowfly on sheep as it interrupts the moulting of larvae. This product protects the wool sheep for a period of about eleven weeks.

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