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Discount online supplies for all animals, domestic and agricultural, natives, pets and livestock - from bulk to single animal applications. You want it - we have it! over 10,000 products available - and all at below retail.


Supplier news
07/08/08 - Animal Products Direct offers a comprehensive range of products for the cattle industry. These cattle products include bandages, dressings, blood improvers, calving products, copper deficiency products, dehorning products, first aid products, foot ca
Supplier news
06/08/08 - Animal Products Direct offers a range of products suitable for dogs and cats. Dog products, supplied by Animal Products Direct, include blood improvers, clean up agents, coat gloss products, dehydration products, first aid products and diuretics.
Supplier news
05/08/08 - Animal Products Direct specialises in providing a diverse range of products suitable for horses. These products include amino acid supplements, anti cribbing products, appetite stimulants, calming preparations, clippers, coat improvers, digestive aci

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