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History and merits of Annalara White Dorper Stud

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In the 1930s, South African sheep breeders tried to develop a new breed of white sheep that would be low on maintenance and high on low-fat meat yield. The White Dorper sheep was a result of such efforts. The first White Dorper import to Australia from South Africa was made in 1997 in the form of embryos. 

Annalara White Dorper Stud breeds White Dorpers due to their many advantages. The primary advantage of White Dorpers over other Australian breeds is their short wool and hair, which fall periodically and therefore eliminate the need to shear and crutch them. The short, shedding fleece also prevents seed contamination in the carcase.

The White Dorper’s preferred diet is similar to that of the Merino breed, but while the latter travels long distances to get its best diet, the former eats what is readily available. The White Dorper reaches better weight faster with lower food intake. Its carcase has less fat but more muscle.

The White Dorper has a high fertility rate. Combined with its ability to breed continuously and lower ram joining percentage, it provides high lambing chances. Bred and developed in harsh South African conditions, the White Dorper can survive most predators. The abundant milk produced by the mother lamb helps the young ones to be strong and sturdy.

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