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Quality meat sheep from Annalara White Dorper Stud

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Annalara White Dorper Stud  was established by Steve Cresswell and his two sons in 1998. Two properties, one in Wilcannia in Western New South Wales and another in Dungary, close to Dubbo, NSW Australia, are maintained by the owners of Annalara White Dorper Stud. The primary goal of Annalara White Dorper Stud is to produce economical, high-return and high quality meet sheep.

Annalara White Dorper Stud was born out of the need to produce sheep breeds that could thrive in Australian climatic conditions. The founders of Annalara White Dorper Stud felt that White Dorpers from South Africa would suit this purpose. Annalara Stud was started with two such recipient ewes. Later, genetics imported from well-known South African breeders were used to develop the stud.

Annalara Stud adopts breeding methods such as natural joining, artificial insemination and embryo transfer to produce high quality meat sheep. Low maintenance cost and good meat production will make the White Dorper, the most sought after sheep breed in the world. Low maintenance cost, good meat production and the breed’s shedding capabilities are the major reasons why sheep from Annalara White Dorper Stud is widely preferred.

The economic viability of this breed can be gauged from the fact the inaugural Annalara Ewe and Ram sale fetched a price of $7000 and $8000 in Australian dollars respectively.

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