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Apache Sprayers Australia - providing quality spraying machinery across Australia.

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John Reichstein started Apache Sprayers Australia , in 2010, to bring the Apache line of self propelled sprayers to the Australian market.  Reichestein has over 20 years experience in the spraying industry – as a farmer, contract sprayer and in the retail spraying business. 

Through his experience in the spraying business and the row crop industry, Reichstein has chosen Apache Sprayers for many reasons, including simplicity of the spray system and drive train, quality components, innovative design and thoughtful engineering.

Features of the Apache Sprayers line from Apache Sprayers Australia:

  • Guidance and Steering: Raven SmarTraxTM AutoSteer Auto-steering helps increase productivity by decreasing operator fatigue.
  • The SmarTrax system runs at operating speeds of up to 27 mph.
  • Application Rate Control: SCS 5000TM
  • The SCS console is essential to monitoring efficiency and accuracy.

Apache Sprayers precision options:

  • Field Computers: A user-friendly interface that includes intergrating boom control, auto-steering and variable rate application.
  • Envizio ProTM: 6.4" LCD touch screen with intuitive interface that features multi-field views and full-motion field maps as you spray.
  • Viper ProTM: 10.4" LCD touch-screen, which features graphically enhanced field views of field maps, back-end powered by Windows XP and "field-to-market" wireless internet.

Apache Sprayers boom control:

  • AutoBoom: Easy to operate AutoBoom system with functioning speeds up to 20 mph.  AutoBoom works best with Envizio Pro and Viper Pro rate controllers.
  • AccuBoom: Reduces operator stress by automatically turning booms on and off.  It reduces waste and simplifies application from point row to point row.  AccuBoom works on units with up to ten section booms (seven section for parallel).

Raven, Raven Smartrax Autosteer, AccuBoom,  SCS 5000, Envizio Pro and Viper Pro are registered trademarks of Raven Industries.

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