Aqua-Tech AGRI

Aqua-Tech Agri is a range of specialty polymer products developed for sealing dams and ponds in agriculture and horticultural applications.


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08/02/13 - Aqua-Tech’s Dam & Pond Sealer is a formulated granular product, designed for easy and efficient application for when sealing a leaking dam or pond.
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24/01/13 - The Pestmaster products from Aqua-Tech AGRI mainly consist of weedkiller and snail and slug killer formulations.
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29/05/12 - Aqua-Tech AGRI presents a new approach to clearing out algae and dirty water from dams, ponds and water troughs.
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20/10/11 - Aqua-Tech Waterbac Dam & Trough Water Clearer eliminates excess nutrients and organic matter in water bodies.
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