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Dam & Pond Sealer from Aqua-Tech

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Aqua-Tech ’s Dam & Pond Sealer is a formulated granular product, designed for easy and efficient application for when sealing a leaking dam or pond.

The sealer encourages water use efficiency by delivering a solution that is dependant on the application methods requiring no waiting time, no extra loss of water and no wasteful dumping of existing water.

The blended formulation of polymer granules that are 99% water insoluble, once applied become active immediately. Dam & Pond Sealer becomes sucked into the dam’s cracks and porous areas through hydraulic forces resulting in a positive seal caused by the massive growth of the polymers particle size. The packing of super fine suspended particles attracted by the unique charge built into the product help to further enhance the process.

Spread on the surface by either hand or an approved powder applicator, Aqua-Tech Dam & Pond Sealer is best applied with water temperature above 5C and where wind conditions are moderate.

The Dam & Pond sealer enabled treatment of a dam to be tailored to suit the availability of both water and budget. Aqua-Tech technical staff will help to work out application methods specific to each dam.

Benefits of the Dam & Pond Sealer include:

  • Seal created without the need to empty precious water
  • Immediate application, so no site surveys or third parties relied on
  • Cost effective without the need for heavy expensive earth-moving equipment
  • Non –toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly dam & pond sealer
  • Easy to apply with a long life and once polymers are in place, the dam structure is in almost complete

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