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Breeders association ensures preservation of Arabian horses

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article image Arabian horse breeders benefit immensely from the work of the AHSA

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The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd (AHSA) was formed in 1956 with the primary aim of preserving the purity of Arabian horses.

In order to achieve this goal, the breeders association proceeded to investigate all existing pedigrees prior to the creation of its first Stud Book.  

The first Arabian horse Stud Book was published in 1960, and since then the AHSA has published twenty-six Stud Books.

These Stud Books contain information regarding all registered pure Arabian horses, as well as part-bred Arabian horses, Anglo Arabians, Arabian ponies, Arabian riding ponies, Arabian warmbloods, Quarabds and Arabian stockhorses.

The breeders association is responsible for registering the various Arabian horse varieties, compiling information relating to all registered horses, and then publishing this information in the Stud Book.

Since its inception the AHSA has registered over 50,000 purebred horses, and 100,000 horses altogether.

The breeders association represents the interests of approximately 5000 members, all of whom are either Arabian horse breeders or have an interest in the Arabian horse breeding industry.  

AHSA plays a vital role in creating The Arabian Horse News, a glossy magazine that is distributed on a quarterly basis specifically for the benefit of Arabian horse breeders and those interested in the Arabian horse breeding industry.

The following membership types are offered by the breeders association:

  • Junior
  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Company
  • Amateur owner
  • Youth amateur owner

This ensures the varying needs of Arabian horse breeders are fulfilled.

The breeders association is a member of the World Arabian Horse Organisation (WAHO) and is affiliated with a range of regional associations situated throughout Australia.

Photo: a Creative Commons (Attribution 2.0) image from auraclio vinacius's Flickr photo stream

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