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Quality bulls from Ardcairnie Angus

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Ardcairnie Angus  sells its bulls from the oldest to the youngest. The bulls of Ardcairnie Angus are sold in unique 'buyer friendly' way. At the time of sale, a senior auctioneer goes through the catalogue one by one, biding each bull at the price listed in the catalogue. If no-one pops a hand up, then the auctioneer automatically moves on to the next bull. If one person wants to buy, then the bull is theirs at the listed price. If two or more are interested, then a mini-auction is conducted on the spot with the list price to start the bidding.

Ardcairnie Angus catalogues every bull that is ready to sell as a breeder. Ardcairnie Angus culls for poor structure and bad temperament and conformation. Ardcairnie Angus in addition also culls for unsatisfactory EBV's. Ardcairnie Angus also retains bull for their own use and offers remainder in order to ensure lots of choice for buyers. Since this policy and sale date is early in the Angus selling season, they never expect to have 100 percent clearance of bulls on the day.

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