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Sales procedure of sheep and cattle from Armitage & Buckley

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The store sales of Armitage & Buckley are held every Saturday of the third weekend of every month. The numbers yarded by Armitage & Buckley vary from 200 to 1200 depending on the time of the year. The sale in Armitage & Buckley commences at 1.00pm and is carried out at the Armidale Livestock Selling Facility on Bundarra Road Armidale. Armitage & Buckley also take part in the weekly prime cattle and sheep sales which are weekly held at the Armidale Livestock Selling Facility. Sheep Sales of Armitage & Buckley happens every Wednesday. The sheep sales commence at 1.00pm on Wednesday. The cattle sale in Armitage & Buckley commence at 8:30am every Thursday. Armitage & Buckley are also experts in conducting clearance sale. Armitage & Buckley have conducted sale of antique furniture to that of large earthmoving equipment, which helps to accomplish outstanding results each and every time.

Armitage & Buckley are the single agents in the Armidale area in order to conduct monthly poultry and furniture sales. Poultry and furniture sale of Armitage & Buckley are held on the third Sunday of every month. Over the last 13 years Armitage & Buckley in addition auction small livestock such as goats, sheep, pigs, lambs and calves, in both these sales.

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