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Petrifilm food microbiology plates from Arrow Scientific

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When Petrifilm food microbiology plates from Arrow Scientific  are used for environmental sampling, it must be ensured that thiosulfate-free letheen broth is used. Letheen broth reduces the effects of quaternary ammonium, halogen, and acid sanitizers. Customers are advised not to use diluents containing sodium citrate or thiosulphate with Petrifilm plates. In order to get exact results it might be necessary to adjust the pH of acidic foods prior to plating onto any of the Petrifilm plates for bacterial enumeration.

If the Sentron ISFET pH meters and probes is not used for a long period then, the user of the product is requested to Place the probe in hot water (about 50 degrees C, or as hot as you had wash our hands with) for about 5-10 minutes. Then the probe should be place the in a saturated KCl (potassium chloride) solution and also should be allowed to be cooled down to room temperature. This procedure should dissolve any KCl crystallization or blackage which may be formed at the end of the reference junction inside the probe body. The new Sentron ISFET pH meters & probes have to be plugged in to the AC power for about 15 to 30 minutes in order to allow the battery to get charged.

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