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Texture analyser from Arrow Scientific need not be regulated every time before use. Texture analyser from Arrow Scientific has to be calibrated at least once a month, if it is moved to a different position and also if it is caused with an overload. The calibration of texture analyser from Arrow Scientific just takes few seconds. In order to obtain an accurate understanding of the fracture events one must try to acquire as many data points as possible. By using a data acquisition rate as low as e.g. 50pps one may indeed be missing the true picture of what is in fact happens in terms of fracture. With reference to brittle products, a data acquisition rate of 400 or 500pps is recommended. This data acquisition rate lets a maximum testing time of 1 minute which is by and large sufficient time for the testing of such ‘quick-breaking’ products.

While testing products that are not brittle and does not necessarily fracture (i.e. fast events need not be captured quickly) a data acquisition rate of 200pps is recommended. At 200pps acquisition rate, data is still captured very accurately and at this pace the test will not take up as much space on customer’s hard drive.

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