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Ascot O.R. 844 bull from Ascot-Neimen Brafords

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Ascot-Neimen Brafords  offers studs, herd bulls and females throughout the year. Ascot-Neimen Brafords offers semen from the Ascot O.R. 844 bull which was born in 1998 and weighs approximately 1010 kilograms. Ascot-Neimen Brafords has chosen to retain the bull for its breeding programmes. The Ascot O.R. 844 bull’s calves are beefy and vigourous in nature. The sire was displayed as a junior and senior bull in 2000 and 2001 respectively. The bull came second in both the years and was noted for its extra length, fleshing, bone and overall scale features. The bull is known for its good sheath, temperament and smooth skin.

Ascot-Neimen Brafords mates approximately 200 stud females and 500 commercial females annually. Ascot-Neimen Brafords has quality bulls and cows that have won a number of championships at the 2007 show. Bulls and cows include the Ascot OP, Neimen Approve and Ascot Flo. The Ascot OP won the senior and grand championships, while Neimen Approve and Ascot Flo cows won two grand championships and junior and grand championships, respectively. Ascot-Neimen Brafords introduces only Braford bulls in its breeding programmes and strives to breed beefy polled Bradfords that can survive anywhere.

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