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Polled Braford bulls from Ascot-Neimen Brafords

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Ascot-Neimen Brafords  specialises in breeding polled Braford cattle and offers studs, herd bulls and females throughout the year. Ascot-Neimen Brafords is run together by Graham and Jill Galloway. Ascot-Neimen Brafords runs its stud and commercial operation in over 4 properties. The total area of the Ascot-Neimen Brafords stud measures approximately 7000 hectares and consists of native and buffel pastures.

In 1965, Ascot-Neimen Brafords purchased the bull Glengarry 68 from Jack Angel for 150 guineas and joined him with stud Hereford cows. The following year, Ascot-Neimen Brafords added two more bulls called Doonside Garry and Doonside Sinbad to the stud. Approximately 200 stud females and 500 commercial females are mated every year.

Ascot-Neimen Brafords introduces only Braford bulls in its breeding programme, and over the last two decades, has produced only polled Braford bulls. Ascot-Neimen Brafords aims to breed Braford bulls to meet today’s demanding market. The Neimen stud of Ascot-Neimen Brafords was began in 1976 with the introduction of new female bloodlines. With new sires and continued AI programmes, genetics of these studs are monitored constantly. Ascot-Neimen Brafords will be holding a bull sale on coming February.

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