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Ashmore Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of agricultural and industrial machinery. Ashmore Engineering also offers services in the manufacture of third party designs for one-off applications or repeat-manufacture


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15/11/12 - Feedmax 2, hay feedout trailers from Ashmore Engineering tease out hay into windrows.
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18/10/12 - The Ashstack 1012 bale stacker from Ashmore Engineering can load and stack 5 or 6 bales in a single row and 10 or 12 bales in a double row.
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12/10/12 - The Windrow shifter from Ashmore Engineering shifts wet windrows across to dry land and reduces the need for raking.
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10/05/12 - The Trailed Urea Boom from Ashmore Engineering is easy to operate and ensures an accurate spreading pattern.
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SA 5416
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