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The specifications of the ‘Haymax’ Super Conditioner from Ashmore Engineering are a weight of 3.01 tonnes, height of 1.97 metres, length of 6.121 metres and width of 3.034 metres. The Ashmore Engineering ‘Windrow Shifter’ has been specially designed in order to serve two specific functions namely reallocate wet windrows across to dry ground (through use of baler-type pick-up) to aerate the hay without inverting the windrow (thus limiting exposure of material to excess weathering and bleaching) and balance a windrow to unite with another windrow for baling purposes. Thus the Ashmore Engineering ‘Windrow Shifter’ substantially reduces or eliminates the need for raking, which in turn reduces the risk of contamination of windrow by ground refuse.

The‘Windrow Shifter’ from Ashmore Engineering includes features such as allow windrows to be individually shifted to the left or right, discharge direction of window controlled from tractor and pick-up driven by tractor PTO, belts driven by tractor hydraulics via flow control valve. ‘Feedmax 6’ Feed-out Trailer from Ashmore Engineering allows transport of up to six 8x4x4 big square bales, enables individual bales to be fed to stock at controlled rate and involves heavy duty construction.

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