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Windrow shifters from Ashmore Engineering

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Ashmore Engineering  specialises in fabrication, welding and agricultural machinery. Ashmore Engineering is a family operated and owned business based in South Australia. Ashmore Engineering designs, manufactures industrial as well as agricultural machinery. The customers of Ashmore Engineering appreciate the product based on its reliability, durability and quality. Ashmore Engineering offers product variety such as hay equipment, cropping and tillage equipment, grape and vineyard equipment and general farming equipment.

The hay equipment from Ashmore Engineering consists of items such as ‘Haymax’ Super Conditioner, Windrow Shifter, ‘Feedmax 6’ Feed-out Trailer, ‘Feedmax 2’ Feed-out Trailer and Bale Stacker. The cropping and tillage equipment from Ashmore Engineering comprises of Grain Augers, Comb Trailers, Mounted Urea Boom, Trailed Urea Boom, Prickle Chain 48’-54’ and Prickle Chain 18’-30’. The grape and vineyard equipment from Ashmore Engineering includes items such as Straw Mulcher (Contractor), Straw Mulcher (Vineyard), ‘Binmax’ Grape Trailer and ‘Bin Buddy’ Grape Trailers. The general farming equipment provided by Ashmore Engineering comprises of Quick-attach Forks, Fuel Tanks, Rubber Tyre Rollers and Ballast Boxes. THe ‘Haymax’ Super Conditioner from Ashmore Engineering helps to reduce drying time of hay crops by at least 50 percent, improves colour and quality, ideal for cereal/lucerne/clover or any other crop used in hay production.

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