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Hinges and safety draft gates from Atlex Stockyards

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Atlex Stockyards  provides a diverse range of accessories for designing efficient as well as reliable sheepyards. These sheepyard accessories include swing block gates, safety draft gates, manways and many others. 360 degree hinges designed by Atlex Stockyards offer flexibility to the gates and enable these gates to fold back on either side of fence. These hinges provide protection to sheep from continuous wedging. Adjustable tapered drafting race designed by Atlex Stockyards has been specifically designed for preventing lambs from turning around. This drafting race also eliminates the practice of blocking sheep by using knees.

Hawker tip swing block gates from Atlex Stockyards function by folding between the two posts and swinging back flush along the outside. These swing block gates can be opened as well as closed easily and specifically designed for minimising injury risks caused to sheep in the course of jumping.

Safety draft gates from Atlex Stockyards possess a total length ranging to about 1.6 metres and available in conjunction with looped safety handle for prevention of hand or wrist injuries. Manways designed by Atlex Stockyards provide safe self closing access as well as exit options.

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