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Easitill II series of deep tillage machines from Ausplow

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Ausplow  provides seeding machines such as Auseeders and tillage machines. Auseeders seeding machines are available in E-Series as well as N-Series. E-Series of auseeders are available in eight models in conjunction with two tine spacing. The transport widths of these machines include 7.42 metres, 7.37 metres as well as 7.96 metres. N-Series of auseeders from Ausplow are also available in eight models with transport widths ranging from 8.32 metres to about 9.60 metres.

Easitill II series of tillage machines from Ausplow possess working width ranging from 4.14 metres to about 13.34 metres. These tillage machines are available in eight models and comprise of a frame similar to the auseeders. Easitill II deep tillage machines comprise of three rows of tines that have been mounted within the main frame. These tillage machines possess maximum breakout force ranging to about 650 kilograms and available in conjunction with optional single coulters.

19000BH series of precision seeding machines, offered by Ausplow, have total weight ranging to about 5000 kilograms. These machines comprise of four tyres with extra capacity tanks specifically designed for larger cropping programmes. These tanks are suitable for products having specific gravity lesser than one.

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