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Farm drainage systems from Aussie Drain

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Aussie Drain  installs different types of subsurface land drainage systems such as farm drainage systems. Farm drainage systems function as effective farm management practices. These drainage systems enable to minimise the risks that have been caused due to crop loss. Farm drainage systems from Aussie Drain prove to ideal solution both in winter as well as drought conditions.

Farm drainage systems, provided by Aussie Drain, function by lowering the water table in the spring. This method enables roots to grow strongly as well as deeply. Farm drainage systems also allow the farmer to easily plough the area before the stipulated time. These drainage systems drain away the water with the aid of main collector drain onto an open drain. This open drain would then drain away the water either into a creek or a large dam that can be used for stocking water as well as irrigation purposes.

Farm drainage systems are installed by Aussie Drain with the aid of Mastenbroek machines. These machines comprise of automatic laser control system that ensures that piping is levelled prior to laying even in instances of uneven land.

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