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Horticultural and sports field drainage systems from Aussie Drain

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Aussie Drain  provides horticultural as well as sport field drainage systems. Horticultural drainage systems have been specifically implemented for promoting healthy plant growth. These horticultural drainage systems specifically suit high value crops that are sensitive to salinity as well as water logging conditions. Some of the high value crops include citrus, stonefruit and grapevines. Deep subsurface horticultural drainage systems have been installed by Aussie Drain for protecting the plant root zone from salinisation as well as water logging. These drainage systems protect these plant roots by maintaining a deep water table. The accurate balance of soil moisture all throughout the year increases the production of quality fruits as well as vegetables.

Sport field drainage systems from Aussie Drain have been specifically designed for installation on sports field by causing minimal damage to the surface. These drainage systems ensure to maintain well drained soil in sport fields. Different machines used by Aussie Drain consist of low pressure tracks as well as tyres for ensuring that surface of sports field is not disrupted. Drainage systems from Aussie Drain also enable to provide a highly consistent surface. These systems function by maintaining a lowered water table as well as capable of diverting excess water from surface during winter season. Sports field drainage systems also ensure to retain moist and green turf throughout summer months.

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