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Austock Rural specialises in AVID Microchips & Readers, StockGuard Electric Fencing, Companion Animal Products, Exporting Livestock & Consultancy. Our main focus is to enable primary producers to enhance the efficiency of their livestock product and management


Supplier news
04/07/08 - Austock Rural Services provides Mini Tracker series of livestock identification products.
Supplier news
03/07/08 - Austock Rural Services supplies a diverse range of livestock identification products such as FriendChip and AVID injectors as well as MUSICC microchips.
Supplier news
02/07/08 - Austock Rural Services specialises in providing different types of livestock identification products.

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2/5 Navigator Pl
QLD 4011
Tel: 07 3216 4828
Fax: 07 3216 4995

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Avid Mini Tracker™ Monojet® Patriot Power Tracker VI™ Quicklink ScaleMate StocTraka Zee Tags

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