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Advanced breeding techniques from Australian Agricultural Company (AACO)

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Australian Agricultural Company (AACO)  employs several methods for effective management of cattle herds. Some of these methods employed include advanced breeding systems, commercial benchmarking and statistical evaluation methods. Advanced breeding systems from Australian Agricultural Company (AACO) are artificial insemination and embryo transfer techniques. The company employs these techniques for breeding bull herds.

Artificial insemination and embryo transfer advanced breeding techniques, employed by Australian Agricultural Company (AACO), have been specifically devised for the production of progeny from efficient breeds. These breeding techniques are conducted in laboratories that have been equipped with specialised cattle handling equipment.

Statistical evaluation techniques from Australian Agricultural Company (AACO) incorporate sophisticated beef cattle improvement evaluation systems such as the BREEDPLAN. The BREEDPLAN evaluation system calculates estimated breeding values for a diverse range of cattle traits that include growth, carcass yield, fertility as well as meat quality. The BREEDPLAN evaluation system from Australian Agricultural Company (AACO) provides detailed reports on a number of factors such as the performance of the animal, heritability of traits as well as the relationship existing between the traits.

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