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Embryo transfer techniques for horses from Australian Animal Genetics

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Australian Animal Genetics  conducts embryo transfer as well as artificial insemination techniques on horses. These embryo transfer and artificial insemination techniques comprise of several features including ultrasound sex determination, semen collection as well as shipping, semen freezing, embryo transfer either on the farm or centre and also artificial insemination conducted on centre or farm by using chilled or frozen semen.

Embryo transfer techniques conducted by Australian Animal Genetics incorporate flushing of embryos from the uterus of donor followed by its implantation into the uterus of the recipient. Mares are basically double as well as triple ovulated in order to collect multiple embryos. Flushing and transfer methods of embryo transfer follows different steps such as examination of donor and recipients to ensure these are reproductively sound. This step is followed by fining up of date for teasing of both donor as well as recipient. Australian Animal Genetics also ensures to synchronise donor and recipient for simultaneous ovulation. Several other steps include follicle testing of donor and recipient, donor breeding by artificial insemination, collection of embryos after ovulation process, embryo transfer into suitable recipient, scanning of recipients after seven days for pregnancy and prostaglandin dose given to donor as well as recipients.

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