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Association for the representation of all ruminant nutrition industries

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The Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition Inc (AARN) was formed in 2006 with the intent of representing all ruminant nutrition industries in Australia.

The AARN promotes current ruminant nutrition practices and encourages the further development of such practices with the intent of enhancing awareness of the ruminant nutrition industry amongst the broader community.  

The association acts as a platform for debate and discussion, where its members and the those interested in the industry may address issues relating to ruminant nutrition.

AARN organises seminar programs on a regular basis for the benefit of its members, provides them with access to comprehensive industry information via its website, and disseminates any other relevant information accordingly.  

The association has also devised the AARN Members Examination, which provides ruminant nutritionists with the opportunity to have their skills and knowledge of the industry formally recognised.  

Completion of this exam, which generally involves a preparation period of 12-18 months, provides members with the opportunity for professional development within the ruminant nutrition industry.

When issues affecting the ruminant nutrition industry arise, AARN acts of behalf of its members and discusses such issues with government bodies and industry working groups to ensure the best interests of members and the ruminant nutrition industry are maintained.  

The association places a high importance on forming relationships with other agricultural associations for the benefit of the ruminant nutrition industry.  

Membership is open to individuals involved in the ruminant nutrition industry, and it is divided into two types.  

Full membership is granted to individuals who are able to demonstrate a high degree of knowledge when it comes to the ruminant nutrition industry via a qualification and/or hands on experience.    

Associate membership is available to individuals, partnerships, companies, corporations or any other business or association with an interest in the ruminant nutrition industry.

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