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Woolworths pay top price for Australian Belted Galloway at Sydney Royal

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Woolworths paid their top price at auction for an Australian Belted Galloway steer in this year’s Sydney Royal Steer and Carcase competition held at Sydney Showground, Homebush NSW.

Among other breeds that achieved the top ten places in terms of earnings included Angus, Limousin and Speckle Park, The Belted Galloway steer achieved a positive 410 cents a kilogram (liveweight) placing it in eighth place in the top ten earners. The steer was bred by Francis Maclean of New England Belted Galloway stud, Mulla Creek near Tamworth NSW, weighed in at 375kg, and was sired by New England Angus. Additional to placing in the top ten earners circle, this steer placed third in the line-up for live Lightweight Champion, narrowly beaten by New England Michael steer for a broad ribbon. This steer was prepared by New England Girls School (NEGS) at Armidale- the first time a Belted Galloway was prepared by the girls in their 15 year history of sterr- feeding. Overall, they were pleased with the outcome and the results of the judging and also of the steering.

“This fella came up really well, quite well-muscled and good fat cover. He did all the local shows in the New England area and was always placed in the top four,” says Lyall Cameron, NEGS farm manager. “Beltied Galloways really have the potential to be more than a front paddock breed. This might the first time the school has fed a Beltie steer but it won’t be the last. I think they would cross really well with other breeds and would like to work in that direction as well.”

Australian Belted Galloways also won big in the carcass competition, in which a 436 kilogram middleweight steer that won the Eve Cullen Trophy for the highest scoring Galloway or Belted Galloway steer, with Jandrew Dudley achieveing a score of 81. The same steer also came second in his class taste test, placing him the top 10% of all 97 middleweight steers competing for MSA meat-eating quality.

Jandrew Dudley was prepared by students of Chifley College, Shalvey NSW, under the guidance of vice-principal Merv Presland. Mr Presland has long experience of feeding Belted Galloway and other steers for Sydney Royal and other carcass competitions, and won Lightweight Carcass Champion at Sydney Royal in 2007 with a Beltie steer of his own breeding.

Dudley was a good handy steer, with good temperament and proved to be feed-efficient,” says Mr Presland.

  New England and Jandrew Belted Galloways performed well considering this was the first time  these studs competed in the Sydney Royal steer and carcass competitions.


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