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The Australian Border Leicester Association is dedicated to the breeding, showing and selling of the Border Leicester breed of sheep.  

The association works in conjunction with all Australian states, represents all breeders of Border Leicester sheep, and deals with all levels of government in matters relating to this particular breed of sheep.  

Each November the association holds its AGM in Horsham, Victoria where discussion and debate amongst a variety of industry bodies is facilitated for the benefit of Border Leicester sheep breeders and sellers, and the sheep themselves.  

Border Leicester sheep have had an incredible impact on the Australian agricultural industry since being introduced by the British, and the association aims to further enhance the role of this breed of sheep in the future.  

This is primarily due to the practice of crossing border leicester rams with merino ewe's, which results in the production of a higher number of lambs. 

These lambs that grow to great weights at a rapid rate and produce meat of a superior quality.

Individuals who are members of the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association (ASSBA) will automatically become members of the Australian Border Leicester Association.  

ASSBA membership is typically offered upon the purchase of any sheep registered in the Australian Flock Register.  

Members are granted access to those sheep breeding shows sponsored by ASSBA, along with flock and breeding records.  

ASSBA publishes “The Muster” three times per year, a newsletter that covers various aspects of the sheep breeding industry, including Border Leicester sheep. Relevant news and information are covered in these newsletters.   

This is distributed to all ABSSA members, and subsequently Australian Border Leicester Association members.

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