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New machine designed to destroy weed seeds in chaff during harvest on course for commercial production

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article image Trials of the Harrington Seed Destructor have proven that the machine's core principals are sound. Commercial production could begin later this year.

The Grains Research & Development Corporation  (GRDC) reports that an innovative new piece of machinery which promises to provide an additional strategy for battling herbicide resistance in weeds is edging closer towards commercial production.

The Harrington Seed Destructor (HSD) has been developed by Western Australian grower and inventor Ray Harrington, with assistance from the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI), the University of South Australia and the GRDC.

It is designed to be towed behind a harvester like a chaff cart, and is based on a cage mill crushing unit originally developed for use in the mining industry.

A series of harvest trials and demonstrations of the HSD were recently completed for growers in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The results of these trials are expected to be known in March to April this year.

AHRI researcher Dr Michael Walsh oversaw the trials and evaluations. He states that the trial sites will be revisited as soon as the break in the season occurs to assess the efficacy of the unit in reducing annual ryegrass emergence.

He has commended trial site coordinators, grain growers and landowners for their support and assistance with the trials program, adding that the trials were "a huge success in terms of the number of grain growers who came out to see the HSD in action, and the feedback from growers was very positive."

As to the timescale for commercial production of the HSD, Dr Walsh says that the trials demonstrated that the core principals of the machine's cage mill were sound, and that only some minor fine tuning was necessary before production begins, possibly this year.

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