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AIP's guidelines for the safe storage of fuel on farms

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The (AIP) Australian Institute of Petroleum ’s 2003 Guidelines For Safe Above Ground Fuel Storage On Farms And Industrial Sites is a must have resource for farmers that store petrol on site.  

The guidelines apply to overhead storage tanks with capacities of up to 10,000 litres that are designed for the storage of petroleum fuels.  These tanks are raised above ground level and are typically located on farm sites.  

The purpose of the guidelines is to explain the legal obligations of the tank owners and the fuel delivery companies.  By following these guidelines risk to the employees and the environment should be minimised or avoided.  It also helps all responsible parties to fulfil their OH&S and environmental obligations.  

The comprehensive 27 page guide sets out potential hazards, emergency procedures, checklists and general information.  It is advisable that above ground fuel tank owners fully familiarise themselves with this guide and all relevant state legislation.  

The checklist has been designed to be used by fuel delivery companies to ensure that it is safe to deliver.  They will use this checklist to determine if farmers and tank owners are fulfilling their obligations.  If they are in doubt fuel delivery will be aborted.  

Fuel storage owners can use this list as a useful resource for checking that petroleum tanks are in good condition and to prompt action if necessary.  

The fuel storage checklist includes:

  • safe site access
  • construction and maintenance of the tank
  • safety of the foundation, structure and ladders
  • control of hazards such as chemicals and ignition sources
  • safe handling methods
  • established emergency procedures
  • training and supervision of personnel
  • venting of fuel tanks
  • signage 
Visit the AIP website for a copy of the full document and for further advice on the storage and use of petroleum on site.

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