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Australian Lot Feeders Association – the peak national body for the feedlot industry

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article image ALFA represents and promotes the interests of the feedlot industry

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The feedlot industry is expanding at a rapid rate, and its importance in Australia is subsequently more profound than ever.

The Australian Lot Feeders Association (ALFA) plays an integral role in further driving the development of this industry by promoting both the interests of the feedlot industry and those who work within it.

ALFA’s mission is “to lead the industry in a manner that fosters excellence and integrity; improves the feedlot business environment; and ensures its community standing.”

ALFA is responsible for devising, promoting and managing a range of industry standards and training programs that advocate animal welfare rights and the environment.

These programs aim to inform and educate lot feeders about the most effective and up-to-date management practices, as well as ensure animals are treated in a just manner.

ALFA plays an integral role in developing policy for the feedlot industry. In conjunction with relevant industry bodies such as Cattle Council of Australia and the Australian Meat Industry Council, ALFA discusses and debates the development of such policy at ALFA Council meetings.

ALFA has developed a range of initiatives designed to benefit the feedlot industry. These include:  

  • The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme, which ensures accredited feedlots adhere to legislation relating to animal welfare, food safety, product integrity and the environment.
  • The establishment of specific standards for the trading of grain fed beef, both within Australia and overseas.
  • The National Beef Cattle Feedlot Environmental Code of Practice, which aims to provide lot feeders with guidance when it comes to animal welfare.  

ALFA produces “Around the Pens,” a fortnightly member newsletter, as well as the journal “ALFA Lotfeeding,” every second month.  

Membership is open to anyone with interest or involvement in the feedlot industry.

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