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Association operates on behalf of Australian Lowline cattle breeders

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The Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) aims to promote the Australian lowline cattle breed on both a domestic and international level.

Futhermore, ALCA works in conjunction with cattle breeders to ensure the purity of the lowline cattle breed is maintained, a trait that will ultimately enhance desirability of the cattle breed amongst buyers.

According to its official website, the breeders association operates in accordance with the following objectives:

  • To actively promote, develop and monitor the long term viability and beef industry acceptance of the Lowline breed. 
  • To protect and maintain standards and closed herd status of Australian Lowline Cattle.
  • To increase market demand for the Lowline breed.
  • To promote the production of Australian Lowline cattle for seedstock and commercial purposes. 
  • To increase the cost effectiveness and range of member services of ALCA. 
  • To enhance the skills and knowledge of members and future members of ALCA.

The association provides Lowline cattle breeders with a wealth of information in the form of event and show details, informative editorial pieces that address issues relevant to the Lowline cattle breeding industry and news articles, among others.

ALCA’s website also features a herd search tool which enables Lowline cattle breeders to locate particular animals for breeding purposes.

The breeders association offers foundation, full, associate, junior and commercial membership types, and each is slightly different in terms of benefits, fees and voting rights.

Comprised of a council of eight, these members regularly meet to discuss and implement strategies for the benefit of both Lowline cattle breeders and the Lowline cattle breeding industry in Australia.  

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