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Manure spreaders and roller mills from Strautmann Australia

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Strautmann Australia  provides silage-making equipment such as knife sharpening tools, tyre selection tables, Wetmore roller mills, Lockwood sports ground rollers and manure spreaders.

Manure spreaders from Strautmann Australia are available in wide ranges. The BE4 range of manure spreaders is solid chassis in design. It is equipped with two and four spreading units. The BE4 manure spreaders are robust in design and it is made from high precision material. The powder-coated sidewalls are screwed and it protects the spreader from corrosion and damage. BE4 manure spreader comes with milled chain wheels made from high tensile steel, thick walled auger blades, low loading height for easy loading.

Wetmore roller mills from Strautmann Australia are ideal for cracking all types of grain for poultry and livestock industry. The Wetmore roller mills have hard solid cast rollers, heavy-duty bearings and spring release protection to minimise the damage and wear. The powered rollers from Strautmann Australia prevent the grain from escaping out. The augers come up to six metres of height. The rate of milling is regulated with help of flow gate regulators. Electric, stationary engine drives are also attached to the roller mill.

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