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article image The AMHCA develops breeding standards for miniature Hereford cattle breeders

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The Australian Miniature Hereford Cattle Association (AMHCA) is the peak national body responsible for representing miniature Hereford cattle breeders.

AMHCA is passionate about the use of breeding practices that produce high quality Hereford cattle, and has subsequently developed a “guide of good breeding standards.”
These standards have been designed for use by Hereford cattle breeders to ensure the purity of the cattle breed is maintained throughout the breeding process.  

These standards are quite detailed, and include the following:

  • Cattle may not be larger than a frame score 2.
  • Feet must be set straight forward with the toes not pointing in or out.
  • Legs must be set well apart with the hock joints not turned in or out.
  • There must be fullness around the tail head, and no sloping off on the sides.
  • Back legs must be straight but not post legged, showing a slight bend at the hock joint.
  • Brisket must be deep between the front legs, becoming trim under throat.
  • Neck must be short, blending well into the shoulder with the shoulder point not protruding.  

In terms of general appearance, cattle breeders must ensure their miniature Hereford's are well balanced and proportioned, with a white face.
In order to attain certification with the AMHCA, each animal must first be registered with Hereford Australia Limited (HAL).

This certificate of registration must then be forwarded to the breeders association, along with height measurements of the animal once it is two or more years of age. If specific height and pedigree requirements are met, certification will be achieved.

The breeders association aims to ensure Hereford cattle breeders are well informed, and as such readily produces and distributes information relevant to the industry.

Furthermore, the AMHCA’s official website features a sales section which allows Hereford cattle breeders to buy, sell and swap their cattle for breeding purposes.  

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