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All aspects of the pig breeding process handled by one breeders association

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article image The interests of pure breed pigs are represented by the Australian Pig Breeders Association

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Established in 1990, the Australian Pig Breeders Association is responsible for providing a range of services that benefit various pig breeds and pig breeders themselves.

The breeders association maintains and publishes a Herd Book, which lists all those pure breed pigs that possess the relevant features deeming them eligible for registration with the association.

These features include:

  • Neck proportionately and evenly set to give smooth coupling with head and chest
  • Chest is wide between front legs with capacity derived from width and length rather than depth
  • Hams are broad, full and deep to hocks, well fleshed on inside
  • Legs  are straight and well set, level with the outside of the body, with strong bone
  • Back is slightly arched, wide and even from neck to rump.

The breeders association aims to ensure the purity of a range of pig breeds is maintained by highlighting the importance of such a practice.

As such, pigs that the association suspects are not pedigrees or pure breeds must be investigated, and information acquired via this process may be published.

Landrace, Tamworth, Berkshire, Large White, Wessex Saddleback, Large Black, Hampshire, Duroc and Welsh pig breeds are all catered for by the breeders association.

The breeders association is also involved in organising and promoting agricultural shows. Breeders are encouraged to showcase their pure breed pigs by entering them in the competitions held at these events. 

 In order to become a member of the breeders association individuals must complete an application form which will be reviewed and either approved or declined.

The breeders association offers:

  • Ordinary membership
  • Honorary life membership
  • Honorary membership
  • Junior membership
  • Associate membership

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