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Over the last 20 years, Australian farmers have endured droughts, bushfires and even floods! The record agricultural production for the past two years and the great results forecast for this year ($60 billion) is a fitting reward for their tenacity.

Aussie’s are very likely the most professional farmers in the world! One company, Australian Pump Industries, who manufacture and distribute a wide range of industrial products, believe farmers’ success has led to a new level of affluence in the agricultural community.

“Professional farmers are rewarding themselves with top-quality equipment, like our big engine-drive pumps or our high-pressure water-blasters” said Aussie Pumps Brad Farrugia. “Where they would’ve bought 3rd world ‘cheapies’ a few years ago, they now want the best products that offer reliability and safety.” he said.

Aussie Pump dealers around the country are also reporting major uplift of quality products purchased, from chainsaws and generators to tractors.

Australian Pump operates from a 2.5 acre factory in Sydney’s Norwest Business District. The company’s products are regarded as being top level in the market. They are sold all over the world to discerning buyers who appreciate gear built without compromise at realistic prices.

“We are praised for the highest quality-to-price ratio in the business,” said Farrugia. “When we ask farmers at field days what they are looking for now, they tell us it’s time to reward themselves with equipment they can rely on, that’s safer, more efficient and will result in more free time and ultimately lower costs” he said.

Aussie Pump dealers around the country report much the same results. They report the trend to buy products that work, last longer, are safer and a way of farmers spoiling themselves as compensation for the tough years.

The results of years of research and design work is world class products that are the highest quality in the market. That leads to a steadily growing market share but is now exploding based on the new affluence of Australian farmers! “We believe our agricultural activities deserve the best gear and our policy is to serve it up at the best quality-to-price ratio” he said.

The company has worked hard at developing the best unique range of high-pressure fire-fighting equipment backed up by a unique principle of delivering more product for the consumer’s dollar!

“We set out to build the best products, loaded with features and benefits, and then, back it up with a commitment to build large quantities in our highly efficient 2.5 acre factory.” said Farrugia. Those increased quantities backed up with a passion for quality has resulted in lower costs that are passed straight on to farmers through Aussie Pumps’ extensive Gold Distributor Network.

“We gave 5 year warranty on self-priming centrifugal pumps almost 15 years ago to show the market how serious we really were!” said Farrugia. “That extra warranty resulted in virtually no additional costs as our products are built to last!”

The secret of the company’s quality program is clear. They simply spend more money on material, design, features and benefits for consumers and that in turn results in longer life and minimal failures.

“Giving great product at great prices, backing it with freebies that are integrated and included in the price and then providing free extended warranties puts a smile on the face of our customers nationwide” said Farrugia.

Australian Pump has a whole range of new products ready for launch this year including fire-fighting pumps that will outperform, out-feature and out-price all others and all with genuine Honda engines and 1st World quality components. “It’s our commitment to the market to help Australia’s farmers grow” said Farrugia.

Caption for photo: Farmers are now rewarding themselves with the highest quality products like the Aussie Fire Captain pictured coming off the production line at Aussie’s Castle Hill factory.

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