Tsurumi Submersible Pumps and Waste Water Equipment from Australian Pump Industries (Aussie Pumps)

Sewage, Cutter and Grinder Pump to 800mm bore
Sewage, Cutter and Grinder Pump to 800mm bore
Sewage, Cutter and Grinder Pump to 800mm bore Corrosion resistant Sewage, Effluent and Saltwater Pumps High quality Sand and Slurry Pumps Dewatering, residue and deep well submersible pumps
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Tsurumi Submersible Pumps and Waste Water Equipment

Tsurumi (pronounced soo-roo-me) is an industry leading manufacturer of submersible pumps and was established in Japan in 1924.

Tsurumi pumps incorporate a number of key features that enhance performance, increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • An anti-wicking cable entry. Inside the cable gland the wire sheafs have been striped and the gland filled with resin forming a moisture block
  • Dual mechanical SIC seal has been installed in an oil bath. The seal surfaces are abrasion resistant and both are lubricated with oil, not by the medium being pumped
  • Built in patented Oil Lifter maximises seal lubrication and extends the time between pump service
  • V-ring seal protects the mechanical seal from ingress of grit
  • Self resetting thermal protector prevents the motor overheating when the pump is being dry run
  • Quality assured, Tsurumi submersible pumps have a 3 year warranty
The high performance Tsurumi range is split into three product groups:
  • Dewatering and slurry pumps for use in the mining and construction industry
  • Industrial pumps, including sewage and effluent pumps, corrosion resistant and explosion proof pumps
  • Waste water treatment equipment including aerators, skimmer pumps and bar screens
Tsurumi pump selection software and spares information is available on CD from Australian Pump Industries (Aussie Pumps), the exclusive distributor for Tsurumi in Australia and Papua New Guinea.
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