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IVF for advanced cattle reproduction now available in Australia at ART

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Australian Reproductive Technologies is a newly established business providing IVF services to the Australian cattle industry. ART is based in rural Mt Chalmers, adjacent to the beef industry capital of Australia, Rockhampton. The company has joined together with a Brazilian National who has provided the technology which has the potential to revolutionise Australian and particularly Central Queensland cattle breeding programs.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation for cattle breeding does not require stimulation of the donor cow with hormones,which is better for the cow and better for the environment as there are no environmental estrogens. Eggs are removed directly from the ovary through the use of an ultrasound guided needle that aspirates the follicles on the ovary that contains the eggs. Upon recovery of the eggs they are taken to the ART laboratory where they are cultured, fertilised and grown as embryos to a stage where they can be transferred to recipient cows. This is very complex embryology which can only be carried out by specialist and experienced technicians. 

Using this process for cattle breeding, it is possible that 150 calves can be produced per donor per year at a vastly reduced cost compared to current super-ovulation methods. Additionally the use of “sexed” semen allows the added benefit of gender selection.

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