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Texel stud sheep breeders have a voice

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article image The Australian Texel Stud Breeders Association Inc works for the benefit of Texel sheep breeders

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The Australian Texel Stud Breeders Association Inc work on behalf of Texel sheep breeders, and it is involved in encouraging the breeding and marketing of Texel sheep in Australia.  

According to the association’s mission statement, it also aims “to develop, promote and maintain the improvement of the breed.”

The association subsequently collects, records and publishes information that relates to Texel stud sheep or Texel stud sheep breeders within Australia.

The histories, pedigrees and purity of those sheep registered or wishing to be registered are investigated by the association, to ensure only pure Texel breeds are registered.

The association is responsible for granting or refusing registration and transfer applications, as well as issuing certificates for registered sheep that are to be exported, in accordance with the rules at the time.

For the benefit of sheep breeders, the development of better animal husbandry methods is encouraged and carried out by the association via extensive research into the breed, their unique genetics and new technologies.  

Membership is open to anyone interested in Texel stud sheep, and consists of four categories.

  • Full membership is granted to registered Texel sheep breeders and flock owners, and they have the right to be elected to any position within the association.
  • Associate membership is open to those individuals with a special interest in a registered Texel sheep flock or in the breeders association. They have full voting rights yet cannot be elected to any position within the association.
  • Annual membership entitles individuals to free association newsletters and magazines and they may attend association meetings, yet do not have voting rights.
  • Life membership is granted when at least 75% of the association’s council vote in favour of the individual who has been nominated. Life members have all the rights of a full member yet they are not required to own a registered Texel sheep flock.

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Ambersky235's Flicrk photo stream

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