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Veterinarians support Australian Year of the Farmer

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article image Veterinarians support Australian Year of the Farmer

2012 is the Australian Year of The Farmer and the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) plans to help celebrate by emphasising the important role veterinarians play in rural communities.

AVA President Dr Barry Smyth points out that veterinarians are crucial to the success of the agricultural sector.

“Veterinarians are of enormous assistance to farmers; they help ensure food is safe to eat, help farmers increase production, promote the welfare of farm animals, and detect and respond to outbreaks of emergency animal diseases,” he said.

Veterinarians work with all types of animals. They help wildlife; productive farm animals like sheep, pigs and cattle; horses; cats and dogs.

Dr Smyth said that vets are essential in the detection and treatment of endemic and exotic animal diseases as well as zoonotic diseases like the Hendra virus that can cross between animals and humans.

He also pointed out that vets are at the forefront of efforts to protect animal welfare and care for wildlife.

“With its reputation for safety and high quality, Australia is helping to feed the world. The agricultural industry will also continue to maintain the nation’s economic wellbeing into the future which is why the AVA is so proud to support the Year of the Farmer and highlight the role that veterinarians play in supporting this important industry,” Dr Smyth said.

The AVA plans to work with organisers of The Australian Year of the Farmer Limited, throughout 2012. They are keen to play their part in the celebration of Australian farmers and their produce.

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