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Petrol and diesel generators from B.C Machinery Pty Ltd (KPC)

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B.C Machinery Pty Ltd (KPC)  offers engines and generators which include petrol engine generators and diesel engine generators. The generators offer reliable start ups, stable power supply, lower noise level and a safe and economical operation.

The Kubota's ARX series from B.C Machinery Pty Ltd (KPC) are clean emission generators which are built to last for a long time. The petrol engine generators are compact and lightweight series which are powered by durable OHV engines. The generators are strong enough to handle heavy duty works at the construction sites, yet portable enough for recreational or household uses. The generators have reduced noise levels.

B.C Machinery Pty Ltd (KPC) offers a new series called the SQ Series which is a low noise heavy-duty 4 pole diesel generators. The diesel engine generators SQ series is powered by cleaner emission and highly durable combustion system diesel engines. The SQ generator series offer a quieter, more efficient and longer service life.

In addition to providing generators and engines, B.C Machinery Pty Ltd (KPC) also offers a wide range of agricultural and farm machinery such as tractors, mowers, utility vehicles, tillage equipment, augers, trenchers, pallet forks, chain saws, welders, high pressure cleaners, sprayers, trimmers and garden care products.

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