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Portable augers and roller mills from B. Keogh & Sons Manufacturing

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B. Keogh & Sons Manufacturing  offers portable augers, pencil augers, scale systems, silo unloaders, roller mills, tubes and flites. Spare parts from Conner Shea, Grunter units, ā€˜Uā€™ trough augers, roof augers, swing away augers, drag chain conveyors and accessories are also manufactured by B. Keogh & Sons Manufacturing.

B. Keogh & Sons Manufacturing offers portable augers which are available in diameters and lengths ranging from 175 to 300 millimetres and 9.1 metres to 16.75 metres respectively. A portable auger from the company is accompanied by a plastic hopper, lay-shaft, bearings and a guarding kit complete with battery, battery box, leads, belts, pulleys and fuel tank. The portable auger also has a heavy duty simplex or duplex chain and sprocket drive on the top end of the unit. The auger is complete with a nylon chain roller and rubber tensioner, which are durable and long lasting.

B. Keogh & Sons Manufacturing produces all types of roller mills ranging from basic style to large capacity commercial grade units. Roller mills are available in various options for customers to choose from. All equipment and products from B. Keogh & Sons Manufacturing are tested and subjected to quality inspection checks.

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