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B.R. Reeve supplies the efficient Manurain sprinkler

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article image The Manurain sprinkler has a large and even distribution range

B.R. Reeve Engineering  supplies the Wright Rain Manurain sprinkler, which is an efficient, cost effective rotating sprinkler that has been designed specifically for the handling of slurry.  

These sprinklers operate satisfactorily across a very large range of pressures.  They are able to evenly distribute slurry over an unusually large area compared to many other sprinklers.  

The Manurain sprinklers feature a special non clog rubber nozzle, which works to eliminate the majority of blockages by permitting solids that are larger than its nominal diameter to pass through.  In the unlikely event of blockages occuring, it is simple and quick to remove or replace the nozzle.  

The entire sprinkler unit has been designed to provide a long and trouble free service, working year round in hard farming conditions, without any need for skilled maintenance.  

Features of the sprinklers include:

  • strong, corrosion resistant, cast aluminium sprinkler body and swing arm;
  • fully protected phosphor bronze swing arm;
  • swing arm is easy to adjust, for optimum performance, whilst in the field;
  • sealed brass and nylon bearing prevents wear; and
  • abrasion resistant properties.
The Manurain sprinkler is mounted on a specially designed non tip stand, using a 2 inch B.S.P. connection.  The stand is manufactured from corrosion protected steel and fitted to standard 2 inch poly pipe.

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