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Crop Protection with Fipronil from BASF – Highly Effective, Low-Dose, Insect Control

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article image Fipronil From BASF – A Cornerstone in Insect Control

BASF’s Fipronil is a member of the phenyl pyrazole family of insecticides. The molecule was first synthesized in1987 and received its first registrations in1993. Since its discovery, Fipronil has been proven to offer highly effective, low-dose insect control against a broad range of economically important pests. Its unique site of action allows it to control insects that have developed resistance to all other classes of insecticides. Fipronil has become a cornerstone in insect control programs in both non-crop and crop pest control situations in many areas of the world, and is registerd for use in Australia.

Fipronil is currently registered in more than 70 countries – including Australia - for the control of insect pests in more than100 crops. Registered crops range from row crops such as rice, corn, potatoes and small grains to specialty crops such as ornamentals, mangoes and chili peppers. A decided strength of the molecule is its application and formulation flexibility. It can be used as either a foliar spray, soil application or a seed treatment, depending on the crop/pest situation. Due to its non-repellent properties, it is extremely effective in bait applications.

A directed development program continues to find novel uses that reflect this flexibility. Fipronil not only protects a grower’s harvest, but has also proven in some cases to increase crop yields. The molecule is also highly effective in the non-agricultural arena. Fipronil is commercialized for the control of fleas and ticks on companion animals and livestock. It has become the world’s leading termiticide and is a key component in urban pest control programs against cockroaches and ants. Fipronil’s combination of efficacy, low-dose rate and excellent residual control make it an ideal choice in an urban setting.

BASF acquired fipronil in March of 2003, and it is now a cornerstone of BASF’s broad insect control portfolio. BASF is committed to the continued marketing and development of this fantastic tool to help protect commercial agriculture, urban settings and human and animal health.

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