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Guarantee your safety - opt for the right fire protective clothing

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article image Protect yourself from bushfires with fire protective clothing from BOC
In order to enhance your chances of survival in the advent of a fire and to minimise the harm it may cause, ensure that you select the right fire protective clothing.

It is highly important that all parts of the body are covered, as this decreases the likelihood that flames will burn the skin.

BOC supplies a range of protective clothing that can be used during fires as well as in the mining, welding and construction industries, among others.

The clothing range includes high-visibility and reflective clothing, which effectively prevents those involved in putting a fire out from losing one another, and ensures others can see when a fellow firefighter has fallen to the ground or passed out from excessive smoke inhalation.

The fire protective clothing on offer is also extremely strong and durable, so it protects the skin from being severely burned.

Suncorp Insurance reiterates the importance of all forms of fire protective clothing, including “enclosed shoes... full length clothing, a hat and gloves.”

Similarly, Suncorp Insurance advises that you “have eye and breathing protection,” as this prevents embers from coming into contact with eyes, and sufficient breathing protection ensures that excessive amounts of smoke are not inhaled.

Protective eyewear, including spectacles and safety goggles, are perfect for protecting eyes as they are designed to block dust and dirt, ash and lit embers, and BOC offers them in a range of shapes and styles.

The company is also aware of the importance of respiratory protection, and as such provides a range of vapour respirators and breathing apparatuses that operate to ensure sufficient amounts of oxygen are available to the user at all times.

Head and face protection equipment, including face shields, which effectively protect the face and eyes, and hard-hats are also available.

BOC also offers high quality hand gloves which are designed to protect the hands from heat, along with hard wearing foot protection. 

Protect yourself, your property and your family this fire season by ensuring adequate fire protective clothing is on hand at all times.

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