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Pollution extractors available from BOC

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article image PX3 and PX4 non-filtered pollution extractors and systems extractors available from BOC

The  all-enclosed “box shape” of the PX3 and PX4 Non-Filtered Pollution Extractors protects the motor from damage and increases safety for the operator. Safety guards are fitted and wheels and handle are also included.

The PX3 extractors are typically used with a 5 m long magnetic hose kit.The larger PX4 extractors develop higher flows and pressure and are suitable for much longer lengths of hose. The extractors’ unique design bolts directly to the mounting surface, avoiding the need to order any additional brackets or adaptors.  Fixed extractors are available for wall-mounted flexi arms. 

System Extractors are used in large installations with multiple outlets and high pollutant loads. Each of these extractors incorporate a range of unique and practical features such as: 

  • Self-cleaning
  • Backward-inclined impellers that prevent pollutant build-up
  • High pressure rotors that allow small diameter ducting to be used, with correspondingly lower costs and better pollutant transport velocities. 
Both the PX3 and PX4 non-filtered pollution extractors and the systems extractors are available from BOC .

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