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Cattle breeding by BSF Charolais

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BSF Charolais  offer cattle breeding and beef production. BSF Charolais are breeders of the Charolais breed of cattle. BSF Charolais are involved in breeding a variety of polled curve benders. Located in New South Wales, BSF Charolais provide quality cows and sires.

BSF Charolais take an effort to choose their female cows with top genetic features such as elite female progeny. Once the offspring are mature, BSF Charolais utilises the embryo transfer method for optimum production of top genetic herds.

The X Factor is an offspring from BSF Charolais. This polled variety sire was bred in BSF Charolais and has obtained a substantially low birth weight with an Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) of -3.5.

The X Factor sire consists of curve bending roots in his gene variety and also possesses the possibility of being a homozygous polled variety sire. BSF Charolais have named the X Factor cow Timkins. The standard traits of this sire have resulted in its export to Thailand to head a herd enhancement programme.


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