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Back Paddock Software  offers sophisticated software for farm managers which help in simplifying farms and paddocks operations. Back Paddock Software provides easy to use software for all planning, recording, reporting and mapping of all farm inputs, operations and outputs.

Back Paddock Software offers the Manager software that quickly prepares whole-farm cropping and pasture plans. The software uses existing maps or creates new maps to make better decisions and plans. The Manager software summarises all inputs for the farm into shopping lists, and produces recipes of inputs and operations for all paddocks.

Back Paddock Software prepares alternative management strategies, determines gross margin by crop and by paddock over a range of prices and yields. The Manager software also provides detailed reports and budgets including seasonal cash-flow projections. The Manager software offers clear operational plans to farm managers and workers and revises plans according to the change in seasons.

Back Paddock Software provides free demonstration versions, free on- line updates and unlimited help desk support. Back Paddock Software provides an easy to use software for fast and accurate farm planning, recording and reporting.

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